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hector alvarado
hector alvarado
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Could you open more curses on Cloud's tech please??

Need more AWS or GogoleCloud or Any Cloud. I love treehouse and need to learn at least conceptual stuff about cloud architeccture.

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Eric McKibbin
Eric McKibbin
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Cursing cloud tech is not recommended, they are often protected by powerful hexes :v

Cloud Architecture is an entire domain of learning, just like programming is. I don't have any insight into the Treehouse roadmap beyond what's on the roadmap page but I can see that everything there is focused on programming.

There is a react course in that bunch covering deploying the app to a server - this server could be your own computer, a data centre hosted VM, or an EC2 instance on AWS just the same.

The AWS docs are very helpful, I can't speak for Azure or Google Cloud as I don't have much experience in them.

If you need something right now people say good things about A Cloud Guru. They have a free trial after which you can purchase things course by course or subscribe for everything.