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JavaScript Introduction to Programming Basics Writing Your Program

Did i miss a video? There are things in this video that were not introduced in the earlier videos, that I don't know.

Seriously, if we need textmate, could we talk about it a little. It's not a program I'm familiar with. When did we cover console? I feel stupid and frustrated, like I haven't done the homework. Maybe I did skip something important, but I don't see where.

Thank you for the links, I'll take a look at them.

Christopher Vicini
Christopher Vicini
Courses Plus Student 12,191 Points

So true! Fascinating how they think we just know this. sigh. been trying to figure out how to resume my work on this course for an hour now.

7 Answers

I would HIGHLY recommend downloading Sublime Text 3 http://www.sublimetext.com/

Checkout Console Foundation course http://teamtreehouse.com/library/console-foundations

P.S. Don't let it get to you about feeling stupid. I have been doing this for a little over a year and I still feel dumb sometimes. My friend has been doing this for 6+years and is a teacher at USC and still feels dumb sometimes. Any developer that says otherwise is lying.

Just use it as motivation to learn more. But most importantly, understand that you can and never will learn and remember everything. There is just far to much information.

If you are every really stuck. Make sure to checkout Stackoverflow.com

P.P.S. If you need help setting up and learning Sublime Text. Just let me know. I can help you with whatever you need.


Thanks so much for your links and comments. I agree about sublime text!

I think that Andrea's point is that Treehouse is billing itself as a step by step walkthrough for learning and we really don't expect to have someone just throw new concepts at us without any introduction or background or even a rudimentary explanation of where they are coming from. I don't think Andrea should feel stupid, but SHAME ON TREEHOUSE FOR NOT INCLUDING SOME KIND OF INFORMATION OR BRIDGE between videos 1 & 2 of the JAVA track.

WTH Treehouse?

Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry
2,962 Points

I think Jo Jo hit's on an excellent point here. Treehouse is trying to get away from piecemeal lessons and starting to focus on tracks. In theory, this is a great concept, but in execution all Treehouse has really done is stitched together the pieces and neglected to build the necessary bridges between lessons. I'm on the Ruby track and I went from working inside the workspaces environment in HTML to being thrown into something that was never properly explained for Javascript. If the process was explained elsewhere, than that should be included as part of the track.

Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry
2,962 Points

Andrea - Thank you for making this comment - I too am in the same boat. I feel like this video quickly skimmed over some crucial info for beginners.

Jared - I have Sublime Text 2 downloaded on to mac and I am unsure how to recreate these files....and once I do that, how do I get the code I write in sublime text to show up in my chrome browser. So lost.

Abraham Coronado
Abraham Coronado
1,467 Points

Agree with this post. I was confused as to how he got that html file there and he never said anything about textmate either.

Matt The previous HTML beginners videos only teach you how to work with treehouse workspaces but they don't teach you how to work with the actual programs in your computer, at least not the ones in the front end developer track. Although most of the stuff can be figured out in google, i think it would be faster and much helpful if the teacher gave us an intro to all the technologies he'll be using.



Matt Kelm
Matt Kelm
7,240 Points

Hi guys,

I agree that it would be nice if a few prerequisites were listed. In my opinion, it would be helpful to watch the beginner html courses before starting these, which should tell you all you need to know about text editors, creating and loading html files, linking to outside files (such as css and javascript), etc.

If you have the time, I would watch at least the intro html courses.


Just finished the beginner html course and all programming is done in Workspace so this whole text editor thing is blindsiding people. There is no bridge from that course to the Java course.

Micole Noddle
Micole Noddle
5,797 Points

I am so glad I found this thread because I feel exactly the same way as everyone else who is lost. Treehouse needs to bridge this course for us. JavaScript is difficult enough on it's own to learn, let alone figuring out how to get this set up the way the teacher does. I want to know how to incorporate it into my sites as well. When I did the "How To Build A Website" portion of this track with Nick, he explains how to actually link pages and upload them to our websites. As a newbie, learning that was invaluable. I don't know why this section of the track is missing these kinds of instructions.

Also, not all of us are working on a Mac and having both Mac and PC options listed as well would be appreciated.

Valdas Japertas
Valdas Japertas
4,522 Points

I think you the easiest solution is to simply use Treehouse Workspaces. It's been covered in earlier courses you don't need to install anything.

Treehouse Workspaces will not prepare you for a real programming environment. Better to get out of that ASAP and on to Sublime Text.

Peter Van der Lely
Peter Van der Lely
6,342 Points

Hi there,

All in all you write and save your webfiles with the help of an editor like notepad or TextPad or Brackets (free download from brackets.io) or tons of others. When you save this like index.html in a directory on your C: drive with the name of localtreehouse, you open the index.html file with the help of your Chrome browser and it's 'URL' will show as: file:///C:/locolhosttreehouse/index.html. Now by opening the developer tools of your Chrome browser will bring you in sync with the video.

Regards Peter