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Horrible lectures

The first two parts(Welcome to Flask & Templates and Static Files) are good but the last part(Character Builder) is horrible. I am just looking at the lecturer typing and debugging all the time. He is not explaining anything.

Luis Roca
Luis Roca
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Hi Tim! I feel the same about these videos. There's no "why" behind the "what". I feel like a bunch of steps were skipped.

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AJ Tran
AJ Tran
Treehouse Teacher

Hi Tim Wang!

Thanks for your feedback -- it really helps us. We update our content based on feedback from students like you, In fact, we are actually working on updating the Flask courses right now to bring you the quality that you deserve! I'm sorry that part of the lesson fell short of your expectations. Here's what you can expect from us in the near future:

Flask with SQLAlchemy Basics is the new, upcoming courses on our content roadmap. It is a total refresh of the existing course, and also includes working with a relational database.

In the meantime, you can take the brand new SQLAlchemy Basics course to prepare for upcoming release, since it will build off of each other.

Stay tuned into your notifications so you can catch the announcement when we release the new Flask course. And I hope you will have a better experience with this next one :)