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Olivia Posch
Olivia Posch
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How to make Prototypes and User Testings

Hello everybody!

I am doing the Techdegree Frontend web development Can somebody help me to understand this two questions: 1 - How do you create the fastest prototype? Which kind of ways do we have to do this? 2 - What is the best way to do user testings?

Thank you in advanced!!!

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Daniel Montgomery
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Daniel Montgomery
Treehouse Staff

Hey there Olivia!

You have a few options for creating interactive prototypes for websites: (although the absolute fastest would be using good ol' pen and paper )

Balsamiq: Official website: Course:

Adobe XD: Official website: Course:

Figma: Official website: Course:

As far as user testing goes there are many methods and websites for to help with this but with everything going on these days I feel like Zoom has become very common and easy to use for everyone that you could easily test prototypes with users over Zoom. You can also check out our official course on usability testing as well!