Ruby Build an Address Book in Ruby Input and Output Saving The Address Book

I refreshed the side bar but no yml file is created.

I am on 'save address book' video and but my work space is not creating yml file.

here is my code require "./contact" require "yaml"

class AddressBook attr_reader :contacts

def initialize @contacts = [] open() end

def open if File.exist?("contacts.yml") @contacts = YAML.load_file("contacts.yml") end end

def save"contacts.yml","w")do |file| file.write(contacts.to_yaml)



def run loop do puts "Address Book" puts "a: Add Contact" puts "p: Print Address Book" puts "s: Search" puts "e: Exit" print "Enter your choice: " input = gets.chomp.downcase case input when 'a' add_contact when 'p' print_contact_list when 's' print "Search term: " search = gets.chomp find_by_name(search) find_by_phone_number(search) find_by_address(search)
when 'e' save() break
end puts "\n" end end

def add_contact contact = print "First name: " contact.first_name = gets.chomp print "Middle name: " contact.middle_name = gets.chomp print "Last name: " contact.last_name = gets.chomp

loop do
  puts "Add phone number or address? "
  puts "p: Add phone number"
  puts "a: Add address"
  puts "(Any other key to go back)"
  response = gets.chomp.downcase
  case response
  when 'p'
    phone =
    print "Phone number kind (Home, Work, etc): "
    phone.kind = gets.chomp
    print "Number: "
    phone.number = gets.chomp
  when 'a'
    address =
    print "Address Kind (Home, Work, etc): "
    address.kind = gets.chomp
    print "Address line 1: "
    address.street_1 = gets.chomp
    print "Address line 2: "
    address.street_2 = gets.chomp
    print "City: " = gets.chomp
    print "State: "
    address.state = gets.chomp
    print "Postal Code: "
    address.postal_code = gets.chomp
    print "\n"



def print_results(search, results) puts search results.each do |contact| puts contact.to_s('full_name') contact.print_phone_numbers contact.print_addresses puts "\n" end end

def find_by_name(name) results = [] search = name.downcase contacts.each do |contact| if contact.full_name.downcase.include?(search) results.push(contact) end end print_results("Name search results (#{search})", results) end

def find_by_phone_number(number) results = [] search = number.gsub("-", "") contacts.each do |contact| contact.phone_numbers.each do |phone_number| if phone_number.number.gsub("-", "").include?(search) results.push(contact) unless results.include?(contact) end end end print_results("Phone search results (#{search})", results) end

def find_by_address(query) results = [] search = query.downcase contacts.each do |contact| contact.addresses.each do |address| if address.to_s('long').downcase.include?(search) results.push(contact) unless results.include?(contact) end end end print_results("Address search results (#{search})", results) end

def print_contact_list puts "Contact List" contacts.each do |contact| puts contact.to_s('last_first') end end end

address_book =

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Todd MacIntyre
Todd MacIntyre
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It is hard to read your code when it is all jambled like that. Can you try re-pasting it in for legibility please?