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General Discussion

Ideas for Forum

Hi! I had several ideas for forum, but as Ryan Carson said , somehow current forum is the alpha version...

If it's possible, give a list of future change log so users don't add extra suggestions.

anyway :::

  • I think it'll be nice to have a simple text editor for forum.
  • a search form will reduce database size!
  • I'm not a moderator, but I'm guessing "Pin" option will be necessary.
  • something like tags for each topic which is connected to videos, quizzes, Code Challenges, etc. and brings the ability to filter them in searches. even a "Questions" link from each video,... to each related filter [did you get my point?]
  • either of these :
  1. stick the Popular Tags to the page like Social navigation in the Blog

  2. or the better way: when we came to forum section, Popular Tags menu show up in the navbar and also expand the width of forum.

  3. do either of two above for forum home page but put it at the end of topic page [did you get my point?]

  • add a # link to each post in topics so responding to specific posts get simpler.
  • changing theme ability [lots of developers I know wear glasses just because spending a lot of time in front of computer ,coding in light background and dark text color] : Monokai Color Scheme in Sublime is pretty cool
  • adding numbers before "forum/i-mean-here_topic-name", so that simple
  • when someone wants to add a new topic, force him to first add the title and the system searches among older topics; if it's OK with Server Pressure (Requests and Responds ... ) also do it with tags,too.
  • some Mike emoticons which can get disabled in special texts (mostly codes) by user


and also I saw some nice suggestions like notification center which I think it's better to Topic Starters bring their final idea (whatever discussed in the topic) in here...

and at the end : these are just suggestions. ;) feel free to change them in a way than Treehouse keeps running.

6 Answers

  • Some update function that brings up the latest topics
Nick Pettit
Nick Pettit
Treehouse Teacher

Hi Mohammad,

Those are all really great suggestions. We're going to continuously improve the forum as time goes on, so we appreciate feedback from people like you that are actually using it. :)

I'll make sure our product team sees this.

All the best, Nick

Tommy Morgan
Tommy Morgan
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Hi Mohammad;

Thanks for all the feedback. Part of the reason we released the forum in the current state is that we wanted to go ahead and start collecting feedback from users like you about what's important in the forum experience. There are some features that we are obviously aware of and will be implementing soon (like Forum Search). There are a lot of other ideas we have for the forums, as well - some of which have already been mentioned in the various "feature request" threads - that we'll be implementing (or not) based on the feedback you guys give us while making use of the forums.

Perhaps it's not the "yes, we will implement all these things" that you'd hoped for, but I do promise that our chief concern is making the forums a great experience for all of our members, and we're taking all of these ideas and suggestions to heart.

James Barnett
James Barnett
39,199 Points

Maybe a beta badge next to the forum link would help people understand this is just the first version of the forum and you are looking for feedback regarding how it's fulfilling users need.

I guess I'll just put this here now, cuz this is the most current feature/bug topic:

On the main page, I think you guys should try to make the blocks for each topic a bit more compact. Currently, even on a big screen, there's only like 4 topics above the fold. Want to see more, I'm lazy :)

Plenty of ways to save up space there, and in the 3 rows above the first thread (I mean the rows with 'Forum', 'Start a discussion' & newest and active tags)

(Just my opinion obv. Though I did recently see this happen in a product launched by Kissmetrics (who I'm sure you guys follow). When they launched a new version of their Live view, about a week after they wrote a blog post how they'd gotten an insane amount of feedback and very common one was that they'd given the events in the stream too much real estate, causing you to have to scroll more ie. spend more energy.)

Andrew McCormick
Andrew McCormick
17,730 Points

I'm pretty excited about a forum here on Treehouse. I think it'll be great to ask questions and get help from others that are learning the same stuff want to help each other out.

My suggestion for the forum would be a little more old school with the Individual boards based on topics and then threads within those. I'm on a few forums that are formatted like this where's it's basically a long list and it just seems much tougher to sort and find threads. It works ok for support fourms, but IMO not so much for community forums. The tags are great, but for me the other way just seems much easier to follow and we have to rely on members to properly tag their post. But at the least I think there needs some basic organization. Treehouse covers multitude of topics so even a top level like "Mobile" "Web" "Design" "business Startup" would be great. or "Treehouse Pojects" "critiques" "Andoird" "iOS"... etc. Just so when we are looking for info we can easily get to a list of what we want. Sometimes we are looking for information but don't know exactly what we are looking for.

I'll enjoy it either way, just my 2cents.