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Python Flask Basics Character Builder Items

Erik Malmberg
Erik Malmberg
1,465 Points

I'm not learning anything from this so called "Basic Flask" tutorial..

I'm sure you're a good instructor but this course is not beginner friendly whatsoever - we're just hectically writing a bunch of code with absolute no review what so ever, no explanations to anything. I do think this course should be thoroughly reviewed. I mean... I know you're a seasoned Flask user so it all comes pretty natural to you, but Kenneth... no one can follow along at this pace as a beginner..

Brian Juhl
Brian Juhl
4,502 Points

I love Kenneth as an instructor, and I've followed his basic courses in this track.. But you're right, the pace is very jarring.

.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
UX Design Techdegree Graduate 30,519 Points

I've taken 5 or 6 of Kenneth's courses here and I can't believe how he got a job as a teacher at Treehouse. Kenneth is a great developer from the looks of it, but awful teacher.

He goes into his developer mode every now and then where he forgets that he's making a teaching video, and not doing a project himself.

I'm nut sure why Treehouse hasn't been able to refresh python courses with a proper Python teacher. It's 4 years now. Few have been updated with better instructors, but 70% of the python courses are still Kenneth.

14 Answers

Kenneth Love
Kenneth Love
Treehouse Guest Teacher

Sorry this course has caused y'all trouble! It's definitely not meant to be the first course you take (not sure if that's anyone situation or not).

I've updated the track version (and the Django track, too) to include an HTML/CSS intro and the HTTP intro earlier in the track. Hopefully that helps!

Jo S
Jo S
3,073 Points

thanks for that Kenneth Love !!! Hope this can help future users

Jo S
Jo S
3,073 Points

I agree with Erik Malmberg and Brian Juhl I followed Kenneth's basic python courses from the Python Track for Flask no problem.

With this Basic Flask though I am having to view and review videos at least 3 times to even get an inkling of what's going. I think it's because it assumes a lot of additional knowledge about web pages that never gets explained such as:

html scripting, the POST method and how it inserts arguments into the URL request, why we need to use JSON for cookies. This are all things I had to google separately for a while and then go bac to the Flask videos.

In addition, there are a lot of references to variables and functions created in previous methods, with similar variable names but using different data types (e.g. saves.get('colors') is I think a call to a key colors in the saves dictionary, saves dictionary is itself an output from the get_saves_data() method, which in turn is a call to the cookies dictionary via JSON, etc.) but that's not the same as the {{ colors }} variables in the templates or the color item in the colors loop.

Just too much new stuff to take in and to remember in 1 go! Very confusing.

I think Kenneth Love could think about inserting another course in this Flask track that explains basic webpage concepts (HTML, Cookies, JSON) first.

I am not a beginner to Python, actually, I am using it for my work - creating offline tools, but this Flask course is absolutely useless. I am sorry but this is my opinion. There is literally NO EXPLANATION what is going on and what is more important WHY the Author does what he does, just blinde codding. I hope Django will be better...

Actually, this isn't a beginner course.

I would say you started the wrong course :P

Flask is around intermediate level. You should probably finish the beginner courses first. :smile:

Before you grasp your hands around Flask, you need to finish these courses in order:

  1. Python Basics
  2. Python Collections
  3. Object-Oriented Python

Handy Dandy tip: You can also follow the Python Track for Flask to get a perfect list of all the courses you need to learn to be a great Flask developer! You also get a bonus 180 Python points when you finish this track.

Albert Egberg
Albert Egberg
7,786 Points

2 years later and still ttreehouse hasn't updated this course. I also have trubble with understanding what's going on. FFS I pay 25 eur/month for this...

Sanjay Noronha
Sanjay Noronha
7,296 Points

I am actually enjoying this course a lot. Yes, it is quite difficult and lacking in explanation but that is the fun bit. You got to watch the video multiple times and make notes and look up stuff on the net. But am finding the reward well worth the effort.

Jo S
Jo S
3,073 Points

OK so turns out there is a Basic HTTP course that explains most of the sstuff I suggested above. And it is part of the Flask track , but it is suggested much later in the Track.

Kenneth Love could you consider switching the module order around to have HTTP Basics show before Flask Basics in the Python Track for Flask please?

Shim G
Shim G
2,611 Points

(Update: Finally finished Flask Basics - and it was much easier after this "Items" video!)

I usually love Kenneth's videos but I'm having so much trouble following this set from Flask Basics: Forms to Builder to Items... I've spent hours going back and forth with these videos many times.

(And I've already covered all the suggested topics above:

  • Python Basics
  • Python Collections
  • Object-Oriented Python
  • Basic HTTP.)

This is the 3rd time I've attempted to follow a flask implementation. I did it once during a Harvard EDx cs50x class. Then I tried the Harvard cs50web class, I understood that class, but when it came to implementation, I was a bit stuck, so I reviewed the Flask documentation. However, since this is a "Flask Basics" class, it thought this set of videos would really help me. I wanted to use this to understand how to do the flask project 1 in the Harvard Edx cs50web class before I attempted it.

But honestly, it's easier to understand and do that database/flask implementation project than it is for me to follow all the new terms and implementations here. It's surprisingly easier!

From the Treehouse Flask Basics: Form videos onward, it seems as though the "in-between" explanations are a little amiss for these videos. It's hard to follow along when those "basic" explanations are missed.

I've had to review the discussion sections many times to try to follow along. However, I would be sooo thankful to get the "Basic" understandings.

For instance, this video is really only about expanding "builder.html" so why:

  • are you creating "for" loops for categories and choices?
  • creating grids?
  • using if category != colors?
  • using value=''?
  • using if.not saves.get(category)?
  • using id=no_{{category}}icons and then id=no{{category}}{{choice}}_icons?
  • creating for category-choice loops? (plus why doesn't Workspace include an img folder with the imgs for the bear? My workspace img folder only has "glasses-sun-red.svg" in the img folder. )

I understand the premise that you are updating the Bear choices with the "builder.html" but the individual steps that you are using are still a mystery.

Please understand that I usually love to learn along with Kenneth, but without a more detailed explanation for each step, it's frustrating to go over the video several several times.

Please provide a few more step by step explanations.

J llama
J llama
12,631 Points

quit complaining youre just not smart enough

comments like these are why imposter syndrome exists.

William Shaylor
William Shaylor
3,014 Points

I'm pretty much tied of Teamtreehousenow. These courses are terrible, typing and talking is not teaching. The python courses started out brilliant, but they are just awful by this point. You learn things by going over the same thing again and again. In these courses a concept is teached once then ticked off, never to be reiterated again. Sometimes it's not even taught, just brushed over. I'm not enjoying this at all any more, and am going to look elsewhere for my python learning.

I agree somewhat with what is being said above. This is a bit difficult to understand. That being said it is obvious that you at least need to know a little about the other languages that he is using. It should be at least mentioned in the first part of this course some other languages you should check out before jumping into flask but it is kind of obvious right now so you should just stop and do it yourself. I myself am doing the html course along with this one and it has help so much because even at the first part of this course I did not understand anything. We need to be able to continue learning even after the courses on this site and taking it onto ourselves to take a course we think we need without having to be directly told will help us when using the lessons we learn in the real world.

Same here, I completed the prerequisite courses too but still finding it difficult to comprehend what's going on

Agree also. The html & http topics are pretty basic and not helping much. I think I need more break downs within subtopics in Flask. A course on Udacity on Flask breaks it down more clearly. I can follow that one.