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21st Century Skills

Ryan Mouser
Ryan Mouser
400 Points

Networking Thursday (9/24) – Connect with other Treehouse Students!

Networking Thursday

Hey Treehouse Students!

We're back with another Networking Thursday – giving you the opportunity to connect with other Treehouse Students!

Last week's networking session was awesome! If you have friends you'd like to invite to participate – please feel free to send them over!

💬 How to participate in Networking Thursday:

Engagement Question

  1. Answer the icebreaker – fill in the blank: My life isn't complete without ________.
  2. Introduce yourself!
  3. Share your LinkedIn profile URL for other students to connect to
  4. Share links and/or screenshots of the projects you've been working on
  5. Share your interests, hobbies, etc!
  6. Chat with other students here by responding to their posts!

Make those connections, support each other, leave some endorsements/recommendations on other student's LinkedIn profiles, lend a helping hand to folx in search of work in tech, and give some positive feedback on fellow student's projects. We're all on this learning journey together!

I'll kick things off! 💬

I'm Ryan Mouser, the Content & Community Marketing Specialist here at Treehouse. I was 15 years old when I started learning to code in PHP for a popular text-based MMORPG game. I've been with Treehouse for over 2 years now and have had the amazing opportunity to wear many different hats. I've been learning with Treehouse since 2015 (you can check out my previous profile here).

Currently, I'm working alongside our world-class team on some exciting opportunities to bring the Treehouse Community closer together. Stay tuned! 😀

Outside of Treehouse, I have the joy of living life with my incredible wife, our 3 awesome kids, and our 2 cat furbabies. We love to make music, garden, cook, play games, and watch fun TV (any Avatar: The Last Airbender fans out there?)

My life isn't complete without my family, playing music, and spiritual practice. How about you? 🙂

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here. Looking forward to connecting with y'all!

Happy networking! :)

My life isn't complete without my plants. Hello my name is Mel and I'm currently a slack champion for the UX design techdegree. I really love it and am on unit 5. You can add me on linked in. https://www.linkedin.com/in/melinda-franklin-she-her-46935b1b3/

Interests and hobbies: Home decorating, gardening, plant care, exploring new towns in the Northwest, anything and everything Tiny Homes...and spending time with my husband, I don't know what I would do without him!

16 Answers

My life isn't complete without learning a new skill Hello everyone, I’m Christopher Hill from Louisville, Ky. I work full time for the railroad here in Louisville. I’m currently learning python with treehouse. Next I will learn Javascript, I’m unsure which direction I’d like to go with these languages everyday I’m learning about different career paths. Hopefully I can find something I enjoy that allows me to work from home and take care of my son.

Add me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-hill-95826637/

Sheila Anguiano
.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
Sheila Anguiano
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree Graduate 35,111 Points

My life is not complete without family, JRPGs and good anime.

Hello, my name is Sheila, a former business major turned web developer. I grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, before I relocated to the Bay Area.

I dabbled with programming before, but it wasn’t until I got pregnant that I had the time to reevaluate my professional career. I completed the FEWD, FJ among other tracks and I was in the process of looking for my first web dev role when COVID happened along with the news of my second baby.

Here is my portfolio with links to other projects: https://sheilaanguiano.github.io/

I'm currently finishing learning SASS, and Unit Testing in JavaScript

I love drawing, reading, playing video games, being a mom and a wife

Christopher Grim
Christopher Grim
Web Development Techdegree Student 1,106 Points

My life isn't complete without my soon to be wife and dog.

My name is Chris. I'm a project manager at a managed WordPress blogging company. I've been there for two years with a couple different titles.

You're welcome to connect with me, just let me know where you saw me from: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-grim/

I'm always working on something with my blog. It's still incomplete and it's WordPress, but it's fun. You can check it out here: https://www.everydayrhetoric.com/

If I'm not blogging, working, or learning I enjoy painting miniatures. Mostly they are for popular games, but I dabble with other stuff.

Hi Christopher Grim ! I read a post from you blog and learned couple things along the way! Thank you for sharing with us!

Ryan Mouser
Ryan Mouser
400 Points

Great to meet you, Christopher!

My life isn't complete without learning.

Hi, I am Paula Andrade and I am a PhD student of Latin American History, embarking on this tech world out of curiosity and to help me on a project at my university that requires python development.

My current projects are more history-based at the moment. When I have something more specific to coding I will share it.

Hobbies? Well, I've been trying P90X lately. It's rough but it's cool. I like baking too, hence the need for P90X.

My linkedin profile is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-paula-andrade-646b8933/. Just give me a heads up that you're a part of the treehouse platform, please.

Alright, everyone, have a good one!

Hi Maria Paula Andrade! Nice to meet you! I enjoy reading history books every now and then: Is there a book that you would recommend to learn more about Latin American history? How does Python come to play into you univ. project?

Hi Qui Le! Nice to meet you too! A couple of books I could suggest are Born in Blood and Fire by John Charles Chasteen, and Afro-Latin America, 1800-2000 by George Reid Andrews.
I have joined a machine learning project to work on entity recognition in historical sources, that's why I am learning python :)

1. My life is not complete without writing.

2. Hello, My name is Qui, and I still try to figure out this thing called life more everyday.

3. I would love to connect with you all! Let me know who you are and that we meet here on Treehouse when you connect with me on LinkedIn.

4. Since I am learning about regular expressions, I have this small project I found online. I was busy with other things so I need to get back to finishing it.

5. Hobbies: I practice playing piano because it is very satisfying to be able to finish and hear myself playing! Because I love writing, I maintain a Wordpress blog to express myself.

Ryan Mouser
Ryan Mouser
400 Points

Thanks for sharing, Qui!

Doris Keller
.a{fill-rule:evenodd;}techdegree seal-36
Doris Keller
Front End Web Development Techdegree Graduate 47,439 Points

Hello all!

My life isn‘t complete without my family and my dog, my work, learning, learning, learning and, last, but not least, the FEWD and UX slack community members.

I‘m a 55 year old life-long learner. I‘m from Switzerland and I‘m living together with my husband and my dog. I began to learn to code with treehouse several years ago and finished my FEWD Techdegree around half a year ago. If you’re interested, you can find my capstone here: www.domarati.com.

I‘m now at unit 3 of the UX Techdegree, which is very challenging! My second project passed a few hours ago and I‘m still thrilled about that fact.

I‘d love to connect with you on LinkedIn

I love to cook, to read, to walk my dog, to code and chat with fellow students.

My Life isn't complete without my wife.

Hello, I'm William Noble, a recent bootcamp grad who is looking for a job as a junior developer. When I'm not coding I enjoy walking/hiking, reading, and writing.

My Linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-ray-noble-jr-software-developer/

I've been working on a MERN stack library application for the books my wife and I own.

Ken Stone
Ken Stone
29,702 Points

My life isn't complete without NiuNiu https://twitter.com/KenStoneBlue/status/1296981927195443202

I'm currently working on a full-stack MEAN project. Pervious work includes but is not limited to PHP back-end, custom WordPress plugins and Woocommerce extensions, C/C++ embedded firmware dev.


My life isn't complete without being better and better in whatever I plan to achieve every day such as this tech degree. Hi everyone, I am Fred and I recently graduated with a master's degree in Info-Tech from Scotland.

I recently moved back home in Ivory Coast and I have a lot of interest in design in general and also like to contemplate its different forms of expression in a plethora of topics. Nevertheless, due to my studies in IT, Web design is what captures my intention but I would like to dive deeper and explore more of the conception of a mockup version at every stage with this course.

When I'm not staring at my screen for hours I like going outdoor for a walk or to play basketball, I also enjoy playing pool table on weekends and drawing on a very nice and comfy wood table🤗😁.

We can link up on LinkedIn right here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fred-zocli-96aa33179


My life isn't complete without my family, my two dogs, and Netflix. I am a customer service representative for Home Depot, and I have been in this position for two years. Currently, I am working through the full-stack JavaScript tech degree here at treehouse. I have completed seven projects, and I am working on the 8th project now. My portfolio is still a work in progress, but you can take a look at it here. My hobbies right now are gardening(trying my hardest not to kill anything!), knitting or crocheting, and due to COVID-19, binge-watching everything on Netflix. If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, my profile is here. I look forward to meeting everyone! Happy coding!

Thank you, Doris Keller. By the way, your website is Awesome!

My life isn't complete without GOD.

Hi there, my name is Luis, web developer (or trying to be, always learning). I'm a Computer Science Engineer and I'm currently learning all I can about web development and I really like JavaScript. I really love this website, I've learned a lot even from topics I thought I already mastered and I've connected with awesome people.

I'd really like to connect with more people to share knowledge and experiences, to be friends or even collaborate on some project!!

Here are my links:

LinkedIn Facebook Instagram Twitter


Git Repositories:


Ryan Mouser
Ryan Mouser
400 Points

Hi Luis, great to meet you here! Best of luck with everything!

My life isn't complete without video games, the gym, and pizza.

Hey everybody, my name is Chase! I just got onto Treehouse about two weeks ago and have been loving it! I'm a noob when it comes to programming (I took a class on HTML about 10 years ago in high school), but a friend of mine is a front-end web developer and turned me onto this site. So far I've been trying to get on here everyday and do at least an hour or two of videos and learn as much as I can. In the short time, I'm hoping to get a job doing web development like my friend. But I'm hoping to explore other programming languages and eventually get a job working in the video game industry. I'm about to start taking classes to get a Computer Science degree, but in the meantime, I'm going to keep learning on Treehouse so I can start building my own websites .

Btw, favorite video game series are Zelda, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and the Soulsborne games, in case anyone was wondering :)

I have a linkedin page, but haven't updated it with any of the current things I've been doing. Hopefully I'll have more things to post once I start working on my own projects.

Here it is anyways: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chase-hefner-3121a615b/

Happy Networking Thursday!

My life isn't complete without learning.

Hey everyone my name is Mahdi Jafari, Researcher & Developer at Asia Pacific University(APU). Currently I am studying master in DATA SCIENCE & BUSINESS ANALYTICS also working as IT software developer at APU university.

Nowadays, I am usually assigned to do the scripting in python and I learned a lot from intermediate and beginner track of python in teamtreehouse.

my linkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/mjse my IG : mehdi_jafarii

My life is not complete without my wife. And my dog. And my computer. And being able to experience new things. To keep things in perspective, my life will never be complete because I am still living it. I am currently working as a Wireless and RF technician at CPS Energy company, and a retired 24-year Air Force RF Technician. I am enrolled in the FSD course, because I have always had an affinity towards coding and Linux, but had not committed my studies beyond a tinkering hobby. I am focusing on utilizing Python (and associated languages) for back-end development. At this time, I have no established portfolio, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

My life isn't complete without curiosity.

My name is Jonatan and I work as a web developer for a small company in the rural parts of Sweden. I live here now but I'm planning on moving in with my SO of 4 years, Margarida, who is studying her masters in law in Portugal.

I love learning more about coding but I also love philosophy, playing bass, Open source software, reading books, cooking and spending time in the woods.

8,896 Points

Hello all, My life isn't complete without boi