JavaScript Installing and Using Create React App

Gabbie Metheny
Gabbie Metheny
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update: use npx instead of installing globally

Looks like the current recommendation is to use npx rather than npm to avoid a global install. If you're just hearing of npx for the first time (I was!), here's a helpful overview from Kat Marchán at npm. npx comes with npm 5.2+, and, essentially, it will install a temporary create-react-app and call it for you in a single step, without you needing to install it globally.

So where Guil does:

npm install -g create-react-app
cd desktop
create-react-app search-app

You can instead cd to the directory where you want to create your app, then do:

npx create-react-app search-app

You can then cd search-app and npm start just the same as Guil does in the video, everything else should look the same!

Thanks! That helped me with my errors, I wish they would update the video with this information.