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What does || mean in javascript (Treehouse Club - MASH question)

As the question says.

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|| Means "or".

So if you wanted to test if either condition is true, then use ||.

If any condition is true, the whole thing is true. If all conditions are false, then the whole thing is false.


var name = "Alex";

if (name == "Alex" || name == "Ren") {
    document.write("Oh hi! I know you!");

This program will print "Oh hi! I know you!" if name is either "Alex" or "Ren".

I hope you understand now :)

Good luck! ~alex

Tommy Gebru
Tommy Gebru
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Hey Alex, what has been your favorite language to work with so far? :smile:

By the way why ask? :smile:

Just curious.

P.S.: I also like Ruby time-to-time

Python and Front-end development (HTML CSS and JS)

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Tommy Gebru
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I wanted to just reach out to see if you are interested in becoming a moderator for treehouse, but also wanted to take the opportunity to say hello to another local developer :smile: I went to my first meetup this past week, have you ever attended workshops, or events? :thumbsup:

No I haven't.

What do you get from being a moderator exactly?

I'm just curious.

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Tommy Gebru
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OK :smile:

"Moderators overlook the entire forum, our main role is all round assistance but I perceive us as mentors as we're chosen not by how well we know code but by our continued dedication to help a fellow student such as yourself. I think I've learned more by being active in the forums than I have the lessons. Short of that, we help by reformatting your markdown language so images, links, or code appear correctly in the forum; or mark answers as best so that it might be helpful for someone else later who comes across that thread. Just generally helpful things."

Sure! I'll be happy to help :)

How would a proceed?

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Tommy Gebru
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I already recommended you :sparkles: just continue to be awesome :heart_eyes:

Recommended? Huh?

What do you mean?


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Tommy Gebru
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Hey! Alexander Davison, so a recommendation simply means that I alert treehouse staff, that you would be a good fit, this is done in similar fashion to the "Best Answer" button.

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Thanks :)

Now I understand.