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What exactly getStringExtra() is doing? i dont fully understand yet.

Hi!, as far as i understand this method does this: getStringExtra() retrieve the data (which in our case the name of the user) that previously added with putExtra() method which take a key and the value in the MainActivity?

so in order to get the value in another activity for future use(the name of the user) i need to call a get method on the key?

String name = intent.getStringExtra("name");

is it like a Map in java?

any insights or further explantion will be appericiated

Lauren Moineau

1 Answer

Yes, exactly. Those "extras" we're adding to the intent are stored in a Bundle that maps Key-Value pairs.

Lauren Moineau can u give some examples to the use of this in real apps?

like if i want to make a age calculator app so i use this method to caculate lets say how many days he lived so far in another activity and in order to get the age from the main activity i should use this?