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General Discussion

What Should İ Do ? Buildin WebSites.

Hi, i want to make web sites. What should i do ? Which course should i begin ? İ want to make web sites with user login, user registration, comments for each post like this stuff included. İ mean i dont want to use front end only. Someone help me please.

2 Answers

Brendon Butler
Brendon Butler
4,254 Points

There are honestly a lot of possible routes you could take. I would definitely go through as much of the learning as possible. It's going to take some time. But if you really want to be a good web dev I would follow these tutorials.

1) Web Design - this is a 51 hour course that should get you started. Giving you all the base information you need to get started. And this might be all you need to do what you're looking to do.

2) Front End Web Development - This is a 58 hour course that will teach you all about the front end (UI) of web development. It will teach you HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript.

3) Full-Stack JavaScript - This course is another 33 hours, but it will continue on what you learned in the last course. Giving you a better understanding of JavaScript, jQuery as well as Node.js and Gulp.

From here I think your set to do what you are looking to do. But you can build a more professional website by continuing with these next courses.

4) PHP Development - PHP is a very powerful scripting language that can make your site cleaner, modular, and just more professional. It's another 31 hours, but this is necessary if you want to shrink your site size and add in all sorts of new features.

At this point you should be set to build your site in entirety, but there are some extra courses you can take to even further advance your web development knowledge.

Extra 1) Ruby - Ruby is a widely used language that even the biggest of companies use on a daily basis. It's a great place to start if you wish to be a web master. 13 hours

Extra 1.1) Rails - Rails uses Ruby, so I feel these should be tied together. Once you learn Ruby, you will be able to use Rails to build web applications. 42 hours.

Extra 2) Python - Alternatively or in addition to Ruby, you can learn Python. Python is a language that can be used in conjunction with almost any language. 16 hours

Extra 2.1) Flask - Like Rails, Flask lets you use your newly gained Python knowledge to create web apps. 17 hours.

After all this you could learn WordPress and even Java to improve your websites. I wouldn't really recommend WordPress that much, since now you would have a much better understanding and knowledge on all these languages and such, but it can help you troubleshoot other people's issues if you ever want to help others in their coding. Learning Java will help you create web applets that you can add to your site, even full fledged games!

This may seem like a lot to take in.. And it is, but if you really want to get into web development, this is a great way to do so. Just allocate a certain amount of time per day into your courses and you will have the website you're looking for in no time. Well.. Maybe a couple months.

If you just learn the essentials that I posted first, that'll take you about 142 hours plus whatever time you take for troubleshooting and practicing.

Add on the 31 hours of PHP and you will be golden. At that point you can either improve your websites or build from scratch using PHP as your main language.

The extras are all optional, but they will greatly improve your knowledge and understanding of the web.

Sorry for the long post. Got a little carried away, but please try to read through this. It may take some time to learn all this, but it will be wonderful once you have. And the jobs and opportunities available will be worth the time and effort. Happy Coding, Brendon!

Dude, omg. İ just cant believe that support. Thank you so much. İ'll be watch step by step all of them. İ mean extras included. Thank you so much again.