Local Code Challenge

This challenge involves creating a declarative loop that outputs a series of strings followed by exclamation points. You will achieve this using the forEach method.

Check the README.md file once you download and open this project for more details.

You'll be completing this challenge using an IDE or code editor locally on your own computer. Download the code to get started and use the tools in your IDE or code editor to help you complete it. When you're ready, upload your finished code to run a series of tests and make sure everything's in working order!

Extra tips:

Download the source code, unzip it and import the Gradle project. Fix the code, and then use the Gradle task treehouse > prepareSubmission. This will run the tests and if the they pass, it will produce a zip file in a new directory named submissions. You can then upload that zip file to pass the challenge. You got this!

There is more information in the README.md file in the root of the project.

Here is a video of how to run the Gradle Task Gradle treehouse > prepareSubmission Task

If you'd like to learn more about Gradle, there's a workshop for that.